Welcome To HomeLand!


Join our discord for news, update, and to communicate with interact with everyone in our community.

Grief Prevention

We offer grief prevention for players to claim their builds to prevent it from griefers. All grief can be undone by staff members too.


HomeLand is a family-friendly simple survival community with a strong focus. We strive to provide everyone the best atmosphere and survival experience in our community.


We provide everyone a live map of our survival world. It will help you explore and go on an adventure easier.

Resource Worlds

Our resources world is not for players to build in and claims are disabled in the resource worlds. Our resource world's purpose is to allow all players to collect extra loot from it.

Friendly Community

HomeLand is a family-friendly community regardless. We do not tolerate bullies in any sense of form.


We accept and welcome everyone into our community. All gender, different colors of people, and disabilities are always welcome.

Active Staff Members

All staff members and owners are active. We are there to provide our community with fun experience time and a good atmosphere.

PvP of your choice

We offer a PvP arena for players to pvp if they want to for fun. Our PvP arena provides keep-inventory and keep-exp to prevent players from losing their items and exp upon death.

Mature Players

All players and staff members are to be respected and mature in our community.


We have a voting rank system. If you reach a certain amount of votes, you will rank up and get extra permissions.

Balancing Economy

Our community is fair and balanced. All players earn their money evenly. Players have a choice to create their shop.

Lag Free

Our server is lag-free and stable. You don't have to worry about lag.

Fast Updates

We are one of the fastest community to update to the newest version when everything is up to date and fully stabilize.


All players and staff members are treated with the same respect and fairness.

Active Community

Our community is very active. We have players and staff members that are always there to help out.

Keep Inventory

Keep Inventory is turned on. It will prevent you from losing items and exp upon death.

Vanilla Sleeping System

To keep our vanilla sleeping system balanced and fair for everyone. 10% of the players need to be sleeping for the night cycle to turn into a day cycle.